God Protects His Own

I believe God protects us when we walk with Him. I have experienced this on many occasions when I felt moved to pray for my safety, then experienced an accident or event that should have killed or severely harmed me. I was heartened today when I read the account of a Pastor in Richmond whose teenage son hid in a closet while burglars ransacked the house. That was the only closet the burglars didn't find or open. The reverend told the reporters:


The reverend was never concerned about the possibility of hearing the situation end tragically on the other end. He believes his son's safety was no accident.

"I pray over my house and my family everyday and the things that could happen, I believe that when God covers you they don't happen," said Reverend Seymore.


God freed Paul from prison and saved the disciples and Christ from attacks and violence until their time came. It's one more blessing for me to see stories like this and be reminded we're in His hands! Have you ever prayed for protection and do you pray for it every day?

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