My response about a citywide ministry . . .
Regarding collaboration…
I found difficulties in city after city with getting groups with very different DNA to work together. Different styles. Struggles with submission. One-size-fits-all.
If I was coaching a citywide movement, I would ask them to examine the different categories of working together.
    *Connecting- building cross-cultural relationships (ethnic, neighborhood, leadership style, ministry approach, etc.). [Relating]
    *Communicating - leaders share information and begin to promote each other’s activities-events-training, etc. [Promoting]
     *Cooperation - everyone retains their DNA but welcomes participation by other groups. [Inviting]
     *Coordination- groups retain their distinctives but mobilize prayer or outreach around the same theme at the same time. [Scheduling]
     *Collaboration- leaders meet with a blank planning sheet and seek a Spirit-led vision through prayer; no one “sells” their program…something new is built. [Unifying]
In a war, each military division retains its calling but works closely with the other divisions. Each agency infiltrates based on their functionality. The Navy attacks from the water, Air Force from the skies, Army advancing by ground, Marienes and Rangers stealthily taking down strategic sites. They each do their “thing” but with much communication and coordination.
In the Body of Christ we seem to define unity as other ministries and entities joining our vision or employing our strategy, which makes sense to us but  requires them to set aside their vision and submit to our agenda.
True collaboration is a grand goal but much can be achieved by connecting (talk, relate, honor one another) and communicating (share information, results). Every stage on the collaboration scale is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to serve our Lord together.
Your thoughts?
Phil Miglioratti 
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