Are you a #Reimagineer?… In Every Ministry Role?


Phil Miglioratti * Reimagine.Network


A #Reimagineer is a ministry leader who understands the critical need to connect their unique calling and gifting, with their mission and vision, in their particular setting and strategy.


A #Reimagineer steps out in faith into a Spirit-led, Scripture-fed, reflection and refocus on the Gospel of Jesus …


… that will require the leader(s) to bravely but carefully review and rethink, redesign and restructure, methods-meetings-ministries..


Don't think like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think about ministry. Then you will know how to do everything (prayer, worship, discipleship , missional outreach) in ways that are good and pleasing to him. Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭2‬ (my paraphrase)


As a #reimagineer, I pray and ponder  my “1-Question” to reassess each role I have served throughout my ministry.


As a Christ-follower, how do I begin to distinguish between what is biblically-infallible truth and what is culturally-influenced doctrine?

•How can I be open-minded yet faithful to the Gospel as I research?


As a Pastor, who can help me see beyond our tribe’s traditions and preferred programs that were designed in another era with a different worldview and mindset?

•Author? Podcast? Conference? Coach?


As a Prayer Leader, how can I help people see the beauty and simplicity of prayer so that they live out the asking-and-listening of prayer personally, with family, in ministry, and within their community (at work, at play, in the neighborhood)?

•Attend prayer training? Read fresh content? Develop new personal prayer habits? Change corporate prayer formats?


As a Collaboration Facilitator, what have we learned over the past 25 years that would keep us from making the same mistakes with citywide initiatives in the future?

•Recalibrate our approach to wider church unity from doctrinal/denominational to relational and service focus? Learn from new expressions of church planting? Invest in community connections? Pray through John 17, asking for new insights and applications?


As someone with a heart for Evangelism and Compassion, how should we restate the essence of the Gospel, so that, we are effective in reaching a society asking radically different questions from 50, 25, even 5 years ago?

•Recalibrate with questions before answers? Stories to build relationships of trust? Service as a proclamation of God’s redeeming love? Diversity as a biblical mandate? Explore elements of the Gospel I have marginalized (compassion? Justice? Cross-cultural? Digital)


•Every #reimagineer has different roles.

•Each #reimagineer’s questions must be customized to their particular calling and specific circumstances, by yielding to the Holy Spirit.

•All #reimagineers must explore new answers to ancient truth…with hope not fear…with courageous faith to dismantle barriers that keep the Gospel captive.


I am paying for a Spirit-inspired movement of men and women who realize we need to express our love for Jesus and the Church by thinking-praying-talking together about how to be the future Church our Lord and Leader wants us to be when we get there.



A Template for #Reimagineers


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