LAB: A Template to Capture Mind-Shifts from Thought-Leaders


For each interview/commentary/Guest-Post you click on, consdier this template as a guide to taking notes and implementing new perspectiges-plans-procedures-programs



Plead as you Read

   -Ask the Spirit to highlight the insight or idea the Lord wants you to inject into your ministry

   -Identify quotes that will inform-inspire your team/group/congregation


Heed for the Need

   -Pay attention to the problem the Spirit want you to tackle

   -Begin to list the questions that will produce Spirit-led, Scripture-fed, answers


Feed as you Lead

   -Cast a biblical of vision of this fresh leading of the Spirit

   -Invite participation as you plant new ideas and ask new questions

   -Your leadership is facilitating prayer-discussion-planning as a means of working together to uncover the plan of the Holy Spirit


Breed and expect to Bleed

   -Recognize that as you birth a new plan or revise a program there will be reluctance in some and resistance from others

   -Avoid reacting; respond to disagreement or fear with the frut of the Spirit


Weed while you Seed

   -"Do not be conformed" means do not be afraid to make changes

   -Plant new seeds with “what could God do if together we…“



  • Select an interview or commentary
  • Use the Template as a gudie as you dig-in
  • Share the article (print out or link) with othes





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