A Discipleship Pastor Unpacks Research and Teaching


For A Sermon or Study of Hebrews



Dean Bouzeos, Discipleship Pastor, Community Church of Greenwood






How Dean Thinks About Discipleship Ministry

  • Get to know Dean’s ministry assumptions that influence his role as teacher/preacher 




How Dean Perceives The Big-Picture of Hebrews 

  • WHAT... is the overarching message you are presenting from Hebrews? (Why is this study compelling?)


    • As Christ-followers, the Book of Hebrews gives us a vaster view of the Lord, allowing us to live out a deeper faith and keep us from falling away.


  • SO WHAT... implications have you discerned for discipleship? (Why are these principles important?)


    • The Book of Hebrews reminds us that though we are continually challenged by the world, the flesh and the devil as disciples of Christ Jesus, His compassion and intercession for us allows us to win the race of faith He has set before us.


  • NOW WHAT...action should we begin to pursue? (How do we implement what we have learned?


    • The Lord calls us through the Book of Hebrews to grow in a life of praise and faith and obedience, to guard ourselves from drifting away, and to help others begin or regain a commitment to Him. 


  • How would you use these notes to craft a sermon?


    • I would see how I could incorporate teaching on some or all of the the 4 W's - the Wonders (of Christ), the Warnings (from drifting or falling away), the Works (our application), and the Whys (key questions that arise) - in the Hebrews text I am preaching on that particular week.


  • How would you utilize these commentaries for leading a small group study?  


    • I think teaching the book chapter by chapter and utilizing the color-coding of repeated words, phrases and concepts to track the author's main points would create a meaningful and fun learning atmosphere. 


  • One more thing we need to think about... 


    • Try and better appreciate the author of Hebrews' passion for the Lord, his love for his brethren, and his compassion for the lost - while he demonstrates a deep understanding of the Scriptures and great skill in the use of language!



 How Dean Unpacks Hebrews

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  • My favorite chapter in all of Scripture (if I had to choose one) is Hebrews 10.  IMHO, no where else is Jesus' mission and the connection between the OT and NT explained so clearly. 

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