Pentecost message by Bayless Conley

What is pentecost and how did it start? Message by Pastor Bayless Conley:
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  • Daily devotional by Pastor Bayless Conley:

    Enjoy today's devotional: It's Never Too Late

    As we wrap up our series of devotionals on how to break a spiritual drought, I want to focus our attention on Psalm 72:6. This verse contains a very powerful truth that I want to leave with you. It says,

    He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass. (KJV)

    I remember when I was first saved and read this passage, I would picture somebody out there with a lawnmower. But of course, they didn't have lawnmowers back then!

    This verse refers to a field that has been eaten over by locusts, a plague of locusts that has come through and just devoured a field. And God gives a wonderful promise: He will come down like the rain on the mown grass, to revive and to restore that which the locusts have eaten.

    Today, as you read this devotional, you may feel like a swarm of locusts has come over your life and eaten your blessing. I think if you seek God and earnestly pray and ask Him to send the rain, you will have an encounter with God beyond anything you could have imagined.

    He can restore what the enemy has stolen in your life. You can indeed experience the freshness and revival and fruitfulness in your life again. It is never too late to pray for God's blessing.

    No matter the situation, seek God today. Ask, and He will send the rain down on whatever part of your life has been mowed over by the locusts. And you will experience the blessing God desires for you.

    Remember, it is never too late.

  • Insight on several aspects of what took place at Pentecost.

    A holy holiday!

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