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a fresh new look at a prophecy using scripture as the guide

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  • It seems to me that The Great Commision was an urgent concern of Jesus.

    This message including the whole Bibleshould be treasured and exalted is the Saving Grace of our Lord Yeshua through Faith.

    The Born Again experience was stressed by our King and Lord three times that it is essential if we are to enter the kingdom of God !

    Jesus atoned for our sins and when we understand and believe in his death, burial and ressurection then we should repent of  our sins followed by a Born of the Water(baptism) and the Spirit(infilling of the fruit of the Spirit).

     It is the Righteousness of the Only Begotten Son and the abiding of the Holy Spirit in us that makes us Holy because without Holiness we shall not see God. I believe that is why Paul counselled the Galatians to Walk in the Spirit so we would not walk in sin.

    I agree Rev. Sharon that good intentions are not enough and could very well lead to hell, but, if as others have testified like Apostle Paul that we are to  Walk in the Spirit then those good intentions surely would be infused with Holy intentions that will be a "sweet" and favourable reception to the Lord on Judgement day. 

    For me, the works that James talks about are a result of my obedience and desire to emulate what Jesus and  the disciples taught. Those "Works" will  not save me but they are intentions of the character of my heart which exudes holiness, if I endure to the end in my belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ His Disciples, the Law and the Prophets.


    Thanks for your feedback Rev. T. Sharon Lamoureux-Rose 

  • Road to hell paved with good intentions

    Jesus asked 'Why do you call Me good? No one is good but the father'..and many more Scriputres..

  • Yes Margie it is very interesting and we need to pray that Truth prevails because denial of what Jesus says is the denial of Truth !

    The concern I have is that it appears that we are in the end times and deception is the result (possibly) of a very strong delusion that is put on people that aren't Loving the Truth.. There are doctrines in the church today that mix the Holy with the profane. This syncretism is leading many down the wide road to destruction. It is so sad and disturbing !
  • Interesting video, Jeffrey.
  • Thy Word is Truth ! So how does one account for this serious difference in interpretation of the scriptures ? Your comments are helpful to this discussion.
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