Why #Reimagine?

To reimagine is not to change what we believe but how we think.

If we are unable to differentiate between our beliefs (theology, doctrines) and thoughts (ideas, applications, systems, best practices), then we will ultimately be unable to defend our values and discern the foundations of social change and political preferences.

To reimagine, is to rethink, review and revise, prompted by a Holy Spirit revealed fresh-for-our-times application of the unchanging truth of Scripture. We  are blessed by and greatly benefit from but are not bound by tradition. 

To reimagine is not to rely on human imaginations; just the opposite, it is a yielding to the revelation of the Holy Spirit that infuses human thinking with the mind of Christ which allows us to know the will of our Holy God. A  unique application to our times and our trials. 

To reimagine, individuals – cohort groups - congregations – collaborations, must employ the gifts of the Holy Spirit (especially prayer) and the resource of scripture.

To refuse to reimagine, is actually an act of disobedience, because we are commanded to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we ( individually and corporately) demonstrate God's will is good for all. So that means  our leadership and ministries,  not just our personal moral life  must be transformed: our disciple making, prayer, evangelism, church itself…

We should expect the renewing of our mind, a reimagination led by the Spirit, to result in great works for a great God.

Take faith! #Reimagine

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  • #ReimagineCHURCH...

    The #pandemic is a stark reminder that the Church is not a building, 

    We can "church" by interacting by phone, email, text...

    When we can once again gather, let's not forget these modes of fellowship and evangelism.

  • #ReimagineEVANGELISM...


    Quote in Outreach Magazine

  • Romans 12:2 The Passion Translation

    Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.


    When we live out Romans 12:2:

    -we are refusing to be controlled by what is comfortable or popular

    -we are pursuing (journey) a reviewing (rethinking) that leads to a renewing

    -we are not merely exchanging a current practice for a different one

    -we are engaging resources that will equip us to know, pray, and communicate God’s      will (salvation by grace through faith in Christ) in God’s way (“This is how God loved the world.” John 3:16)



    The reimagine process is a game changer:

    • I can no longer merely ask the Lord to bless our already-set plans, regardless of how much they were motivated by our pursuit of the Great Commission.
    • I now realize that radical obedience to the Great Commandment requires a deep-and-wide perspective of who-when-and-how to love our neighbors.
    • I am also aware God calls us to apply Romans 12:2 in the context of a Great Collaboration; a beautiful unity of the grand diversity across Body of Christ.


    Start your own reimagine-journey.

    Include your family. Your cohorts.


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