Contrary to congregational opinion, Evanlogicals do not hate December holidays.


Christians say that Christ is the reason for the season.  Evanlogicals hear that.  Amen!  Opening their eyes, looking around and paying attention, however, Evanlogicals wonder if the Christian slogan rings True.


You better think
When you go out on that shopping spree

Yeah, think
Think about it Evanlogically


Christ’s message would come through more clearly if we separated the commemoration of the birth of Christ from the winter solstice holiday shopping season.


People at the mall every day
Buying gift cards at the stores
With time getting short, they lose focus

Ah, be careful you don't lose yours


We shouldn’t be trying to fool God as to what we’re actually doing this time of year. He can see for himself.


You better think

Hanging ornaments upon that tree
Think about it Evanlogically


Paraphrasing the Bible, let’s render unto the winter solstice that which is the winter solstice’s.  Then render unto God that which is God’s – on Worldwide Communion day.  That is closer to a possible time of the year for the Birth of Christ anyway.


There’s no Scriptural prohibition on shopping for gifts in December or even having parties. Just don’t worship any sun gods.

Then Christians could sincerely wish everybody a merry commerce without any spiritual guilt whatsoever.

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