This is the best Christmas greeting sent to me this year.  It reserves the word “Merry” for those who celebrate the winter solstice.  For what reason should mankind be merry that the Word had to become flesh?

May be an image of drink and text that says 'Now more than ever, we wish for you inspiring moments that renew your spirit, cherished memories with those most dear, abundant blessings for the future that awaits. Thank you for your friendship over the years May your Christmas & New Year echo the HOPE JOY of Jesus. CONTAINS 100% JUICE OIJC 64FL Nutrition Facts 8servings CholestrlOmg 110 Dietery Sugars21g INGREDIENTS: ORANGE JUICE. handcrafted nataliesoj highest sOrTuE 172'

Years ago, to save advertising costs, the promoters of “Merry Commerce” took Christ out of “Xmas.”  Christ has now been restored, if only in the vernacular.

But Evanlogically, has Christ actually been restored to the hearts of people?  This could be aided by changing the name and date Christ’s Birth is remembered:

The Commemoration of Christ’s Birth, held annually on Worldwide Communion Day.

But as it was in the beginning… organized religion opposes change to its centuries-old practices.   Perhaps those who run the business of organized religion could have their hearts softened by a former commercial business practice:  taking something out of Christmas.

Drop the “Merry” for something less gruesome, more befitting honoring our Redeemer for what the Birth of Christ meant… and means.







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