My Neighbor did the "unthinkable"!

First, you have to understand that my cluster of neighbors are all “do-it-yourselfers”.  We cut our own grass, we rent an aeorater together in the fall, we plant, weed, clean gutters, power wash, and even cut down our own trees at times.  But the other day while I was walking my dog I saw “the sign” in my neighbor’s yard…”This lawn serviced by Virginia Green Lawn Care.”  This is one of those companies that pull up in front of your house, unroll a huge hose attached to a gigantic tank full of chemicals and douse your lawn to kill all the weeds and make your lawn look like a well manicured golf course.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against killing weeds, they are a result of the fall.  And of course I am all about making your lawn green and looking great.  But it was the fact that my neighbor who loves to spend time in his yard is actually paying a monthly fee to have this done.

But then it occurred to me…what is it that I am actually so upset about?  Is it that my neighbor has more money than I do to make his yard look great and I don’t.  Or is it something deeper within my own heart that says, “Hey, I want my yard to look better than everyone else’s, so all the people that drive by will ooh and ahh over my yard and not his.  Then something even more profound hit me…why am I so worried about grass?  I realize that taking care of the earth, having dominion over all of God’s creation is our mandate but seriously, green grass with no clover?  Is that what my heart is concerned about?  Shouldn’t I be more concerned about the spiritual well being of my neighbors?  (Of course, this particular neighbor is a believer, cherishes his wife, loves his kids and is the nicest guy on the planet.  He even lets me borrow his truck for our annual church picnic.)

I am realizing that there are certain things in my life that really are more important than others.  I do need to be reaching out to my neighbors and the other people God has put in my life.  My thoughts need to be about relational ministry and how I can share the love of Christ with those around me.   I need to be thinking more about how the Scriptures are impacting my ministry and guiding my life.

All for Jesus,


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