Interruptions and Initiatives

I once led a Bible Study entitled “A Day of Interruptions” from Mark 5. Jesus was interrupted by a haunted person – Legion – in Mark 5:1-20, He was interrupted by a hurting person – Jairus – in Mark 5:21-24. The Lord was interrupted by a hopeless person – a nameless woman – in Mark 5:25-34, and finally, He was interrupted by a helpless person – a nameless girl – in Mark 5:35-43. As if this was not enough, all four of these interruptions happened on the same day. So last week my schedule had me reaching the two-week mark following my second COVID vaccine, meaning I was good to go – on the road again – 95% immune. I planned to attend the Globe Life Field Collegiate Baseball Showdown on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (since the church had a guest preacher scheduled, I was free to attend all three Sunday games), and finally travel to Louisiana to lead a conference on Monday evening. Then came an interruption. With several inches of snow, mixed with ice, and temperatures down to two below zero, power losses all over the city, water lines breaking, I spent seven days in my house, unable to get out of my driveway. The baseball tournament was postponed, the Sunday guest speaker cancelled, meaning I was back on for preaching Sunday morning, and the Louisiana conference was move to next Monday. Multiple days of interruptions. In the midst of my private pity party, I remembered the initiatives Jesus took in the midst of His interruptions: (1) To the haunted person, Jesus offered release. (2) To the hurting person Jesus offered relief. (3) To the hopeless person Jesus offered healing. (4) To the helpless person Jesus offered food. The next time your life is marked by interruptions, remember the initiatives Jesus took with His.

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