Just finished Piper's new book, THINK. It is a wonderful call for us - individually and collectively as the Church - to think, to read, to reason, to meditate on our faith and on the glories of our God and our Savior Jesus the Christ. I found myself wanting to highlight almost every paragraph. Piper has a way with words that makes you think, that lead you to deep questions, and always points you to the Holy Spirit and The Bible as the sources for the answers. I heartily recommend this book to read, to share, and to THINK about.
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  • Jerry, are you done with the book and if so would you be willing to lend it to a brother? Thanks for the invite to this site.
  • Jerry,
    I totally agree with you on John Piper's new book, as it states in the title "The Life of the Mind and the Love of God" that's what it's about. A great book, for anyone who wants to be on fire for the LORD and to know why that’s important.
  • Thanks, Jerry, for sharing this. Could you possibly copy and paste this into the resources area. I would love to see us be able to compile a great resource area for our members. Thanks for your involvement!
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