The word "disciple" in the Bible is the Greek noun "mathetes" and means "student, learner, pupil". It comes from the root word "manthano" which is a verb that means "to increase in knowledge; to learn by use and practice". 


Since I was little, I have immense delight in putting things together. Even as a parent, I would fight with Dale to let me put all of the toys together!! I always had such a sense of accomplishment when those Barbie stickers went in just the right spot on the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse! (anybody?)


I can remember my parents showing me how to do things and then handing me the tools to do it, while they oversaw and gave direction. Then, once I was proficient in the task, they would be there for reminders and help. Think about the "teachers" in your life and how they conducted themselves this same way.


Jesus, the Rabbi, our Teacher, also teaches us, His disciples, this way. He shows us how to live in His Word. He gives us examples of His life so we can put it into practice. He gives the tools we need to accomplish it. And Jesus gives us His Spirit to come alongside us, direct us, and help us.


When I was about 8 years old, my dad bought himself a new wheel barrel that had to be assembled. I took it upon myself to "help" him. When he was struggling to get on the grips for the handle bars, he went inside to get something and I proceeded to "help" him with those grips. I worked and worked and worked, until I finally got them on......upside down! My father had to walk all squatted down with the handle bars over his shoulders, using the upside down grips, to carry every load of leaves and pine straw for the next several years! (Sorry Dad!)


In order to truly be a disciple in every sense of the word, we must be a trainable, teachable student who desires to know the heart of God, as seen through the life of Jesus, and then to partner with the Holy Spirit to let His life overtake ours. We must be a learner who increases in knowing Jesus by practicing what He did.


Why do we buck being teachable?

Why do we try to "do it ourself" in living deeper,

when Jesus has offered to be our Teacher and us His disciples?

Why do we choose to be "know-it-alls" and "help" God along?



Today, let's truly set our hearts to intimately know Jesus,

To know His heart, and learn how to live His heart as we let Him lead.

That's a Dis-ci-ple.


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