A letter to those who contribute to my ministry (which includes The Reimagine.Network). . .

I am looking at a stack of books and magazines, piled high on my worktable.
Every 6-8 weeks I ship a box of books I've received as review copies from publishers for my interviews. I also include about a dozen copies of the latest "Outreach Magazine" the publisher mails me to share with pastors. Plus booklets and newsletters from ministries that equip pastors in prayer and disciple making. And a file of articles and teaching templates I have written and posted on The Reimagine.Network (the home of Pray.Network, Discipleship.Network, National Pastors' Prayer Network, and Loving Our Communities to Christ).
My hope is that each recipient will find something to read that prompts them to reset how they approach a specific aspect of their ministry.
I also hope they will share the resources with their congregational leaders and other pastors in their community.
Together, we are placing a bag of seeds in someone's hand who can scatter those seeds onto other soil.
May I invite you to pray?
Ask the Lord to use this simple action to multiply the number of leaders we equip. 
1:1: Jesus talking with Peter           1:3: Jesus in the garden with Peter, James, and John 
1:12: Jesus with the disciples         1:72: Jesus commissioning outreach teams of two
1:120: The rooftop congregation  1:5,000: A hungry crowd 
Like your financial support, your prayer partnership empowers us to reach our goal to engage and equip 10,000 Christ serving leaders.
With much thankfulness,
Phil Miglioratti
The Reimagine.Network
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