Liliana Ester Long posted a status
Nov 28, 2023
First Comment on Names of God, by Lewis Turner, Spanish Version

I am sharing the essential points of the book, this summary is made by the Dean of the Albuquerque School of Anthropology, Gary Byers, who commented on this book written by Lewis Turner, Names of God (now in Spanish) who comments:

"This book is the result of 7 years of etymological study of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet, the pictographs and their meaning. The research included tracing in the Bible these letters and their meaning, studying Psalm 119, digging into the New Testament, writing down my findings, gs and evaluating them with scripture, all infused with daily prayer."

My experience as a translator is blended with my faith and personal relationship with God.
This book refreshes our God's vision and deserves to be on our night table, beside our Bible.
If you have Hispanic friends, please spread the word.

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