Nevada's Need for Prayer

Nevada is gaining a new seat in Congress. We have remained the fastest growing state for decades, even though we lost 100,000 people since we also became the state hardest hit by home foreclosures and unemployment. We have a new Republican Governor, a moderate, Brian Sandoval, moving  into the Governor's Mansion  in January. The Hispanic vote,along with labor unions dependent on government and service industries, strongly supported Harry Reid in 2010. Nevada has long been a swing state but 2 million of its people reside in Clark County (Democratic) and 700,000+ (leaning conservative) reside in the rest of the state.

There are now a half dozen churches in the south with more than a thousand members. Our prayer is that there would be a new wave of unity and urgency among all believers to see the potential for revival and for influencing our nation and the world at this turning point. We need leaders to defend our history and our future as a nation whose God is the Lord. Only in God will we reconcile justice and mercy as we deal with a boiling over melting pot that can no longer inspire loyalty and good will among groups who compete for entitlements. But it is also the opportunity to reach the whole world for Christ through evangelism and equipping citizens of other nations to reach their homeland for Christ! Prayer is the fulcrum for solving humanly insolvable contradictions. Prayer is always the enemies worst nightmare and we will have to redouble our efforts to coordinate efforts of pastors and intercessors to stay in the battle together. Praise God that among those who are moving out of the midwest and northeast, many are bringing their faith and their experience to bear on building Kingdom power in Nevada! Our prayer warriors are tried and true and greatly appreciated!


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