Sacred Sense

Discovering the Wonder of God's Word and World

A bracing biblical call to cultivate wonder as a way of life

All too often Scripture is read only to find answers to life's perplexing questions, to prove a theological point, or to formulate doctrine. But William Brown argues that if read properly, what the Bible does most fundamentally is arouse a sacred sense of life-transforming wonder.

In this book Brown helps readers develop an orientation toward the biblical text that embraces wonder. He explores reading strategies and offers fresh readings of seventeen Old and New Testament passages, identifying what he finds most central and evocative in the unfolding biblical drama. The Bible invites its readers to linger in wide-eyed wonder, Brown says — and his Sacred Sense shows readers how to do just that.

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QUESTION ~ How does Brown's thesis impact your mode and methods of disciplemaking?
  • Is it affirming?
  • Does he cause you to reevaluate how you train those you disciple to engage scripture?
  • Are you disagreeing wit his premise?
Brown: "Reading Scripture with wonder requires an openness to seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching something new ... Inspires passion for God, community, for life and all that matters."

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