Dear Discipleship-first Friends,

You are getting lots of invitations to free events online, on lots of topics. We are grateful for that. But which online events will you pick?

Do you want to be a disciple who makes disciples … and do you want your church to focus on making disciples?

If I have described you, then you will want to join a series of free, 60-minute Disciple Making Intensives. I say that because they will feature two noteworthy elements.

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I state these two distinctives in personal terms, based upon my own observations. I believe that God has blessed our ministry and allowed us to offer you:

  • Some of the Best Core Content on Disciple Making.
  • Many of the Nation's Leading Practitioners to Teach this Content.

Again, my belief is that God has provided these two elements.

On Monday, September 28th, we will start our Holistic Disciple Making: A 10-week Intensives.

The first free webinar is entitled, “Why is Disciple Making Important Today?” with Jim Putman (Relational Discipleship Network), Drew Hyun (Emotionally Healthy Discipleship), and Randy Pope (Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship).

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1. Some of the Best Core Content?

I know it sounds like an over-statement and it might be … but the reason I believe that God has given us the best core content on disciple making is because the 10 week Holistic Disciple Making webinar series is based upon the 10 Affirmations of

Each week we will discuss one of the affirmations. These affirmations were created after a lot of prayer and study by’s collective brain-trust of disciple-making leaders at the start of our ministry - Robert Coleman, Jim Putman, Dann Spader, Bill Hull, Robby Gallaty, Francis Chan, Kennon Vaughan and others. Almost every leader who reads these affirmations loves them and agrees with them.

2. Many of the Nation’s Leading Practitioners? is a community of national disciple-making leaders and practitioners. Here are some of those who will be teaching and helping with conversations in these webinars:

  • Jim Putman - author, pastor, co-founder of the Relational Discipleship Network
  • Randy Pope - author, speaker, founder of Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship
  • Brooke Hempell - author, speaker, Sr. V.P. at the Barna Group
  • Steve Gladen - author, Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback, and founder of
  • Bill Hull - author, speaker, founder of the Bonhoeffer Project
  • Greg Ogden - author, speaker, founder of Global Discipleship Initiative
  • Pete and Geri Scazzero - authors, speakers, and founder of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship
  • Dann Spader - author, speaker, founder of Sonlife and LikeJesus Initiative
  • Dave Buehring - author, speaker, founder of Lionshare
  • David Ferguson - author, speaker, founder of the Great Commandment Network
  • Steve McCoy - speaker and founder of SmallCircle
  • Shondankeh Johnson - speaker and leader of a West African Disciple Making Movement

Please make plans to join us.

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Bobby Harrington, Point Leader,

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