Wherever You Are ... Be Alert to
God-Given Opportunities

Last night I took the dog for a walk. A couple blocks from home, I saw a neighbor and her son and asked how her husband was doing.

She said he is dying.…maybe tonight or tomorrow! They were taking a walk to talk about what they could do to honor him.

So we stopped by the curb and talked about heaven and the peace God gives when we put hope in Him.

She said, you know, we’re Jewish. I responded, we both believe in the same God. I prayed with them to trust the Lord for his future and theirs.

She said this was meant to be….God planned this….and she will always remember this spot on the street.

*So will I!!!

Be alert ... you never know the opportunity God may give you the next time you take a walk!!

Matthew 22:38-39
1. Love the Lord your God.
2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

For Christ’s sake,

Larry DeWitt

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