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  • Is this the time for the church to be different? In many ways, God sovereignly prepares us for times like this. Our challenge is how will we respond. My colleagues and I have been thinking about this current cultural moment and we wanted to pass along a few resources. 


    Resources from Ephesiology

    How is the church responding to COVID-19? Join us as we discuss how one church in Houston is empowering their leaders to shepherd the church. Listen now

    "Many churches and parachurches are evaluating the question of their vision and mission. What is it that we can give up without compromising our mission as we live in the world of the Coronavirus?" Read more

    "This is the moment where the church is made to shine. This is the moment you have prepared for. This is what your pastor, minister, and bible study leader have educated you for. Your training is over." Read more

    "While many are rightly concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus, it is important to highlight three historical events in the church where God turned the tragedy of the spread of plagues to His glory."  Read more

    "As COVID-19 causes us to re-imagine church, we have collected a number of resources that we think might be helpful as we continue to wrestle with what the church will look like in the virus age." Read more

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    Prayer begins at home and
    in our neighborhoods
    • Pray for your neighbors by
    name, considering their
    physical and spiritual needs,
    concerns, and health. Ask the
    Father what He is doing in
    your neighborhood. While
    you are walking and praying,
    engage any neighbors you
    may meet along the way.
    • Wait on God. Your Father is
    already at work in your
    neighborhood. Wait for Him
    to invite you into what He is
    doing. This is a waiting with
    great anticipation.
    • Watch to see what the
    Father is doing. As you are
    praying, He may reveal things
    through something He puts
    on your heart or speaks to
    you, as you talk to a neighbor,
    or as you see a need.
    • Join your Father as He
    invites you into what He is
    doing in your neighborhood.
    Enjoy the adventure!
    “Devote yourselves to
    prayer, being watchful and
    thankful...Be wise in the way
    you act toward outsiders; make
    the most of every opportunity.”
    Colossians 4:2, 5


    Seven question to keep your focus on your calling; prayer, evangelism, loving our communities to Christ with justice...

    Use these questions in your planning, incorporate your team, initiate with prayer...


    The Seven Questions.docx

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