The Gospel According To Jesus • The Name of God

Phil Miglioratti 

@ The Woodfield Church 




  • The "I am" statemnts of Jesus are signifcan because they are cosnidered self-declarations that identify Jesus as God.
  • When Moses asked God to reveal his name (Exodus 3:13-15) God did not give Moses a name or a title.
  • God identified his central attribute; aliveness. 
  • Yah, "I am that I am," is from the verb "to be" (to exist).
  • God exists in the past, present, and future.
  • There is no "is" (aliveness) for anything or anyone without the eternal alivenses of God.
  • Jesus was claiming those truths when he declared "I am."  


  • Study these "I am" statements below
  • Use each as a prayer prompt to:
    • Praise: declare the wonder of our God
    • Plead: ask for a resoration or rebuilding into this element of our spiritual life
    • Petition: on behalf of a person or family or group to express this truth in our lives


“Our personal relationship with the Savior will re-create us in His image. He is to be our purpose and passion.

We are to long to know Him better and make Him known to others.”

Lloyd John Ogilvie, Autobiography of God: Discover the Extravagant Love of God




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