Template: The 6 Spheres of Praying

The 6 Spheres of Prayer: A Template

Six prayer connections for every pastor, every prayer champion, church leader, ministry member . . .

[Note: the ratios indicate connections/relationships Jesus employed  with the mena dn women he discipled:]
  • 1:1 =         Jesus and John ("thone one Jesus loved")
  • 1:3 =         Jesus and Peter, James and John (Gethsamane: invited into deeper prayer)
  • 1:12 =       Jesus with the 12 (although this traveling group was larger and included women)
  • 1:72 =       Jesus sending out disciples as mission teams
  • 1:120 =     Jesus birthing the Church by sending the Holy Spirit
  • 1:5,000 =  Jesus speaking to the 5,ooo on the mount
...in your Closet
      -fellowship of prayer with Jesus​ ​[1:1]
      -John and Jesus; son of thunder transformed in​to​ apostles of love
      -​​d​aily, as-you-go, in every ​place and ​circumstance 
...with your Cohorts
      -accountability in a threesome [1:3]
      -Jesus calling Peter, James, and John to “cone with me a little farther”
      -diversity in a small group [1:12]
      -​think of ​Jesus talking, teaching, eating and ministering with the disciples
...throughout your Congregation
      -serve as the Prayer Champion in every setting ​[​1:120]
     ​ ​-​​​think of ​Jesus, building his Church​; ​from small groups to committees to teams to large gatherings
...across your City
      -citywide prayer groups and ​neighborhood ​prayerwalks​ [1:72]​
      -citywide prayer gatherings and coordinated prayer guides [1:5,000]
​...to penetrate Culture
      -praying for God's kingdom to come (be revealed) and God's will to be done (truth)
      -think: community, nationaly, ethnicity, socially (issues and ideas), politically (worldview)
      -praying in your closet [1:] or with others [1:3, 1:12, 1:72, 1:120, 1:5,000]
...and pray for other Countries
      -praying for the global Church; on every continent, in every nation
      -petitioning for the Church to live-out the Gospel in obedience to the Great Commission
      -praying in your closet [1:] or with others [1:3, 1:12, 1:72, 1:120, 1:5,000]

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