Template: A Scripture Reading Plan Designed for Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Quick Start Guide (sample template)

David Putman @Planting the Gospel

Over the next few weeks we will be reading the scripture daily and huddling once a week. Your daily reading will be on your own; but done in sequence with your huddle (group of three). We will start in the Gospel of Mark.

Week One: Mark 1-5, Week Two: Mark 6-10 Week Three: Mark 11-16


Our outline for our reading each day will follow the acronym S.O.W.I.N.G. I use my journal for recording my reflections. Here is a breakdown of our daily readings using SOWING. Keep in mind that the principles for our Gospel Life are:

  • Simple enough to reproduce

  • Holy Spirit is our teacher

  • Scripture is our curriculum

  • Following Jesus is our objective

  • Relationships are our vehicle


 When we read here are the questions I’m asking as I read. Also, keep in mind that I’m writing down a response to these questions in my journal.

  • Scripture – What scripture most stands out to me in this chapter?

  • Observation – What are my observation about this scripture based on the reading of the entire chapter?

  • Walk- What is Jesus saying to me through His Word? What am I going to do about it?

  • Invite – Who am I going to invite to my next group?

  • Need -What need am I going to meet this week?

  • Gospel- Who am I going to share the gospel with this week?


 After you have completed reading for the five days you will huddle with your one and their one. Here’s the outline for that huddle. It should take about 60 to 90 minutes and can be done in person, on a phone call, or virtually.

  • Connect – Spend 10 to 15 minutes just catching up on life.

  • Celebrate – Spend 10 to 15 minutes talking about what is good and worthy of praise.

  • Check in – Spend a few minutes following up on any spiritual commitments from the previous week

  • Coach – Spend about 20 minutes working through the reading asking ,“What did Jesus say to you this week through His Word?” and “What are you going to do about it?”

  • Care – Spend a few minutes praying for one another. Everyone prayers and I keep this to a short prayer.

  • Communicate – Remind each person of next week reading and when you will meet up for your huddle again.

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