Take a 2nd Look at the Second Testament

If you are on a journey to reimagine Christianity, take this with you.
To reimagine is not to rewrite or revise Christianity but to re-view it from a radical (“at the root”) perspective.
My statement of faith is not being attacked; quite otherwise…but my cultural presuppositions are. A much needed assault requiring an exercise of the mind I seldom have with familiar translations and paraphrased versions.
Frankly, the Preface (an eye-opening explanation of translation), Glossary (unfamiliar terms for now too familiar words and titles), and Introductions (taken together they serve as a mini-course in New Testament theology), might be worth the purchase all by themselves.
This feels like a hike on a trail with beautiful scenery but a path that is anything but flat and smooth. Scot McKnight’s translation will have you stretching your legs as you climb upward, each rock a challenge to think about a word or phrase or title you too quickly skim over.
Phil Miglioratti 
The Reimagine.Network 
The Second Testament: A New Translation
“Scot McKnight’s translation of the New Testament takes us into the very world of Jesus and the apostles; it breathes the air of antiquity. Rather than try to make the New Testament too familiar, McKnight makes it sound foreign, like a distant land you are hearing about for the first time. The Second Testament is a monumental literary achievement that will enrich and excite readers for generations.”
MICHAEL F. BIRD, academic dean and lecturer in New Testament at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia

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