SpotLIGHT: Reset Your Prayer Strategy

SpotLIGHT: Reset Your Prayer Strategy

RESET Your Prayer Strategy


Pastors, Business Leaders, Small Groups, Community


The SpotLIGHT Interview + 10 Teachings/Templates from Prayer Assist

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SpotLIGHT Interview


Uncommon Questions

Unconventional Insights



Thomas Bush, has been involved with prayer ministry since the early 1990’s. 

He has significant background and experience with prayer and prayer ministry that ranges from working with individuals to establishing city-wide prayer networks.


Thomas Bush currently serves as:

  • Prayer Assist Director/Prayer Strategist
  • Member of America’s National Prayer Committee
  • Southern California Coordinator for The National Day of Prayer Task Force
  • Prayer Consultant, California Southern Baptist Convention and Volunteer Prayer Coordinator, San Diego Southern Baptist Association (200 churches)
  • San Diego County Regional Prayer Network Coordinator
  • Prayer Consultant/Advisor to: Child Evangelism Fellowship, Exponential, Family Resource Council, GoodCities, Luis Palau City (Vision San Diego), Mission America and Promise Keepers.


Thomas has the character of Epaphras in Colossians 4:12 as one who “always contends for you in his prayers so you can stand mature and fully assured in everything God wills.” (HCSB)

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Prayer Assist


"God’s people cannot become fully developed disciples without a vibrant prayer life. Developing the prayer life of disciples is the core of our ministry."


PRAYER ASSIST supports pastors, congregations, prayer teams, ministries, business leaders, and individuals with enhancing their connection to God by providing prayer ministry coaching, prayer training, and customized prayer resources.


The spiritual vitality of an individual or organization is an indicator of their connection with God. People with vital connection to God live with greater strength and purpose.


Prayer Assist is committed to seeing prayer-energized individuals and organizations..


Through its ministry expertise, gifting, and ministry partners, Prayer Assist aids individuals and organizations in achieving their spiritual potential by providing prayer ministry coaching, training, quality prayer resources, strategy, and prayer mobilization.

Discipleship.Network 2.png

Incorporating Prayer in Disciple Making


Training Men to Lead Prayer Groups

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A Paradigm Shift for Business Leaders


Praying Outward


3 Sectors of Your Community


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The Power of Intercessory Prayer


Prayer Assist Newsletter

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Praying For Your Pastor


How Biblical Prayer Keeps the Church on Mission

Prayer Assist Training Guide


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