Reviewed then Renewed

What Is YOUR “1-Question “?


Phil Miglioratti, Reimagine.Network


Whether you see red or blue, lean left or right, have a conservative or liberal DNA, you must be aware of how radically and rapidly the world is changing, convulsing: AI Technology-Immigration-Education-Gender-Democracy-National Sovereignty-Climate Disruption and Disasters.


We are in a kairos moment in time when every Christ follower must no longer be satisfied to go to church; we must, individually and collectively, be the Church. Righteousness and justice. Truth in love. Salvation and transformation. Individual and corporate. Gathered and scattered. Red-Yellow-Black-Brown-White.


Each disciple and every ministry has a responsibility to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church, so that we truly know the mind of Christ, so that we become the future Church, so that our communities and cultures across the globe hear and see the way, the truth, and the life in The Gospel.


What does the future church look like?


How we answer that question will make the difference between a Spirit-led, Scripture-fed expression and a wallpapering of old traditions, or a redecorating of current systems, a refueling or simply resuming programs designed for a small remnant of our changing/diversifying population.


The pursuit of the future begins, not with new plans or a different program, but with a question. A life-changing, paradigm-shifting, ministry-transforming question.


This calls for a risk taking, groundbreaking, trailblazing, leader. A pastor, a prayer champion, a ministry leader who dares to ask for that “1-Question” the Spirit will use to guide them and their group or team, congregation or organization, to rethink presuppositions, revisit biblical foundations, and reimagine best practices…with the goal to return to our first love as the driving force of every ministry.


To get that right-for-right-now answer, we must begin with the right question.


A question that will lead to answers that will recalibrate our world perspective and respond to our personal experiences and particular circumstances, so that we effectively pursue our unique calling in Christ’s ministry.


We are entering a new era where the adjectives that describe our tribe are becoming less relevant to the “nones” and even many true believers.


Labels like “baptist” or “mega” or “charismatic” or “catholic” or “evangelical” that once had well defined boundaries are losing their distinctive meaning or have lost respect. Denominations and organizations are asking questions with significant ramifications as they attempt to reimagine their role and standard operating procedure. Upon reexamination, even some of our doctrines are being reviewed and many of our doctrinal applications are being reevaluated. Yes, "the times, they are a changin."


The danger we all face is the temptation to move too quickly to “answers,“ which are often someone else’s solution for their particular need in their very different setting. Every good idea is not necessarily your God-idea.


To reimagine is more than redecorating; it is a quest for a review and that leads us to renew, to redesign.


So, when it comes to reimagining future Church, change is the answer. But once again,  what’s the question?

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