#ReimaginePRAYER...when cleaning out your email Inbox.
My Inbox has become one of my prayer lists..
Like you, I receive scores of incoming emessages every day.
I have a "Promotions" section that I can quickly dispose of.
But I have a ton of ministry -related emails that span from brief event updates to lengthy commentary, with resource descriptions in between.
Most days, most of those get deleted.
But lately, I have been nudged by the Spirit. Not to save them all but to pray a blessing for each person or ministry for which I hit the 'delete" button.
Some prayers are simple "Bless them Lord" prayers.
But sometimes I hear myself asking for something specific on their behalf. Increased funding. Greater influence. Daily encouragement. New opportunities.
Hoping I am being led by the Spirit each time...Not expecting to know how God responds to these brief prayers...But I am certain I would welcome someone praying that way for me (even if they never click on my resources updates!).
Maybe Jesus will give us a reunion in our new-heavens-and-earth life and let us in on how our simple, brief, prayers brought strength, guidance, encouragement, even unexpected blessings to others.
If you see my name in your inbox, I hope you will benefit from the content I share...but I also hope you will #SayALittlePrayer before you read (or delete) it.

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  • May God bless this inspiring ministry of brief prayers...

    Please Lord. You can do so much with so little. You fed thousands with a little boy's bread and fish lunch.

    Thank You Lord Jesus.

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