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  • WHAT?  - What is the 1-Question leaders must ask in order to #ReimagineFutureChurch?

What is “church” and who is its intended, biblical “customer”?


  • SO WHAT? - What makes this an urgent need for leaders to contemplate/explore/discuss/pray into? 

A customer is someone an organization seeks to attract and retain. 

Church growth paradigms have redefined “church” and “customer.”

Members should be viewed/treated as Kingdom “employees” yet they’re being catered to like “customers” to attract, usually from other churches, and retained with strategies that no longer treat them as Kingdom “employees” (disciples) equipped to pursue the real “customer.”  Instead, churchgoers should be challenged and equipped to pursue those who don’t know Jesus.  That’s the target “customer” who the “ecclesia” (a collection of individuals who follow Jesus) should be seeking to attract (to Jesus) and retain (through discipleship).


  • NOW WHAT? - What action do you recommend we initiate?

Through all available channels, urgently educate all stakeholders (pastors, church staff, members, seminaries, etc.) to understand that the decline of the Church in

growth, impact, influence, and perception is due to ignoring the “customer” (i.e. non-believers) by not equipping “employees” (i.e. churchgoers) to pursue (i.e. prayer, care, and share) them



Lord, awaken Your Church in this critical moment and move church leaders through Your Holy Spirit to repent and reform Your Church for Your glory.





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