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Jarvis Ward: Resourcing Neighborhoods


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  • WHAT?  - What is the "1-Question" leaders must ask in order to #ReimagineFutureChurch?

What would loving God, loving others, and serving both well look like in the lives and lifestyles of fully discipled church members?


  • SO WHAT?  - What makes this an urgent need for leaders to contemplate/explore/discuss/pray into?

Those who know the Lord will grow in loving the Lord through obedience and faith. Our obedient love for the Lord will be worked out at its best in our self-abasing love of people. A refocus on Biblical wholistic discipleship must began to be practiced and propagated not just as exceptions to the "rule or command of the Lord" but as a general and accurate description of what it means to be a servant of Jesus Christ. For those pastors who have never been discipled, they will humbly admit their void and seek resources and "resourcers" ready to move the congregation to learners, followers, and reproducers.  


  • NOW WHAT?  - What action do you recommend we initiate?

... a little of what I wrote above and...

Start with the question: "If a disciple is a learner, follower & reproducer, where am I living this out, how am I living this out in the places of work, play and worship, and who am I doing this with; what am I really doing and what do I need from the Lord or to better appropriate from the Lord in my life?"   LOVE GOD.  LOVE OTHERS.  SERVE BOTH WELL.


  • PRAY THAT … 

Pray that our Lord will move by his Spirit on the body of believers and refire a burning desire to love the Lord with our total being and to love people in the sacrificial ways the Lord alone can empower servants of Jesus Christ to live.




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