#ReimagineFutureChurch: Dee Stokes

#ReimagineFutureChurch: Dee Stokes


Dee Stokes: Author, Coach-To-Coach, Leadership, #ChurchUnusual
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• WHAT?  - What is the "1-Question" leaders must ask in order to #ReimagineFutureChurch?

My heart is broken for the witness of the Church and the lack of accountability. So, when will Church leaders submit to authority and accountability and to the lordship of Jesus? Really surrender?
  • SO WHAT? - What makes this an urgent need for leaders to contemplate/explore/discuss/pray into? 
2024 is the year of the shift and it comes with divine transfer. In I Sam 18.1-5 there was a divine transfer when Jonathan, the heir apparent king, gave David his armour, belt, bow, and sword. The throne was divinely transferred to David that day with that move. In this year of shifting our homes, ministries, relationships, body, mind, etc, the Lord will divinely transfer all we need: Wealth, health, forgiveness, retribution, vindication, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, satisfaction, and so much more. Receive it for yourself!


  • NOW WHAT?  - What action do you recommend we initiate?
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