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  • WHAT?  - What is the "1-Question"leaders must ask in order to #ReimagineFutureChurch?

What is the Church?




  • SO WHAT? - What makes this an urgent need for leaders to contemplate/explore/discuss/pray into?


The Church is not a building, or a service on the weekends; the Church is the collective body of believers living for God’s Kingdom.  


We need to change our mindset from “going to church” to “being the church”.  This enables us to impact the world 24/7/365 throughout our spheres of influence. 



  • NOW WHAT? - What action do you recommend we initiate?


At Wprk On Purpose we organize and mobilize working Christians to a full faith commitment and contribution at work; first, through individual Kingdom contribution with individual work; second, through collective Kingdom contribution to improve the communities where we work and live. 





Lord, we pray to see the world through your eyes, so we can love it like you do, and serve it like Jesus modeled.  We pray for wisdom to seek first your Kingdom, knowing that all else will follow.  Amen!




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