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This year we are focusing on living for the one and for the world, and you can live out that vision by taking simple steps.

Each week, set aside time to ask God which one person He is putting in your life to BLESS.

Sharing life and faith with others doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are three ways to do it:

  • Know your personality type. Does inviting people to church come easy for you? Great! If it doesn’t, check out these ways to invite people based on your personality, including text prompts and conversation starters.
  • Take steps that build trust. Building relationships takes time, which is why we use the BLESS framework as a guide: Begin with prayer, listen, eat together, serve, and share your story. Maybe God is simply asking you to listen to someone this week—start there, then establish trust in your relationship that will open the pathway for the Gospel.
  • Make it about Jesus. You don’t need a Bible degree to share the Good News with someone. Tell them how you’ve experienced God’s love and been changed by it. Check out this video for a quick walk through of the Gospel.

"For the One"

January 8, 2023 | Shawn Williams

We believe God has put you in your neighborhood, workplace, and family for a reason: to shine as light and share the hope of Jesus with those around you. At times, sharing faith with others can feel overwhelming. Learn how you can influence others and develop a rhythm of asking God which one person He is putting in your life to BLESS so they can experience God’s love in practical ways–no strings attached.

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