#ReimagineEVANGELISM...at work

“The next great movement of God will be in the marketplace,” said Henry Blackaby.
Last week one of our chaplains experienced a small piece of that statement. The CEO had spoken with our chaplain about being more outward with his faith. Our chaplain inspired and encouraged the CEO to gather willing employees for a time of worship and inspiration. The company held an outdoor worship service on a Friday with 40-50 people attending. At the chaplain’s suggestion, two of the company’s employees provided the music, then the CEO spoke, sharing his faith in a nonconfrontational way. One of the supervisors encouraged his entire crew to attend. One of the men from that crew went to church the next Sunday, the first time in 15 years. During the church service, this employee, in tears, came to faith in Christ. 
God is, indeed, at work in the marketplace. We, as chaplains, are fortunate to have a front-row seat.
At ECA, we don’t lead with religion, but we walk through when an employee opens the door. In recent months, we have been walking through more opened doors about spiritual matters.

Each week we assist and comfort employees facing issues and problems. Our onsite chaplaincy program has helped many people, providing the guidance, comfort, referrals, and encouragement they need.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about our service to see if it would meet your organization's needs.


Rick Ezell

Managing Partner
Employee Care of America

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