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Conversational Apologetics That Results In Transformational Relationships

In this edition of Unconventional Ministry News, I focus on the topic of conversations. We all have them,right? However, many people are nervous and even afraid to start a conversation with someone they may not know very well. Is this you?

In my recent Unconventional Ministry podcast, I had a conversation with Fouad Masri. Here is someone that likes to have a conversation with everyone and even looks for opportunities in his day to have conversations! Our podcast conversation earlier in the week was interesting and about what Fouad calls "Conversational Apologetics" - the weaving of the Gospel through our conversations.

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Fouad grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, he is a third-generation ordained pastor, an author, lecturer, founder and CEO of the Crescent Project. After coming to the United States to attend seminary, Fouad realized the urgency for teaching American Christians to reach out to the growing population of internationals in America. That was in 1993! Imagine how many internationals have come to America since then.

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Click HERE to listen to our podcast conversation on conversational apologetics that results in transformational relationships.


While he has written 14 books, his newest book is “Sharing Jesus With Muslims”. In the book, Fouad shares a step by step guide for Christians to set aside fear, excuses, and differences in order to share the good news of Jesus. Rich with stories and conversation starters, the book gives readers tangible and respectful ways to initiate friendships.

In the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John there are at least 40 conversations between Jesus and various individuals. From Bible.org

  • In 9 cases, Jesus initiated the conversations.
  • In 25 instances, it was the other party who started the discussion.
  • Some other conversations were triggered by third parties.

It is interesting where Jesus' conversations took place:

  • The majority of Jesus’ interactions occurred in the workplace.
  • Many took place in homes.
  • Few were in religious settings.
  • Instead, Jesus talked with people about spiritual issues where they were most familiar.

I encourage you to read Foaud's new book "Sharing Jesus" and start some conversations. Some of the many features of his book Sharing Jesus with Muslims are:

  • Conservation starters for Christians
  • Insight into Muslim culture including do's and don'ts
  • Biblical responses to issues relevant to Islam
  • Stories with practical application from Fouad Masri's forty years of ministry to Muslims
  • Discipleship materials for ministering

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