#ReimagineDISCIPLESHIP...as an awakening to  Jesus Christ 
  • Our nation needs Jesus—KING JESUS. He’s more than just a friend. 

  • People are looking for him and to him in this opportune time. 

  • Help us show them the One who rules over ALL things.

The CHRIST NOW channel exists to create a "Christ Awakening" in the life of every individual who views the videos ... fueling a Christ Awakening movement throughout the Body of Christ.  
​The more opportunities a pastor finds for using these videos, the more of a larger vision of Christ their people will discover. 
Use them as part  of Sunday worhsip experience, woven between two songs.  Use them to intorduce your sermon topic or somewhere in the middle of the sermon to illustrate a point. 
Use them with your youth group.  Post them on your church's FB page.  Eblast one or more  of them to your entire congregation during the week for them to preview before the coming Sunday or to use as part of their morning devotions. 
"Faith come by HEARING (VIEWING) the message when the message is about the CHRIST" (Rom 10).  
​E​very thing in disciple making rises out of faith.  
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Welcome to the
only channel of its kind
in the entire YouTube universe!

Check this out! We just launched our own YouTube channel!
Even though YouTube now hosts over 38 million channels,
CHRIST NOW's channel is the only one of its kind.

Some YouTube channels are tiny; some are massive. Some have lots of videos; some feature only one. Some are from brands, some from creators, and some are only private. Quite a few were created by Christian ministries.

But there is nothing like the CHRIST NOW YouTube Channel. Consider:
  • We offer a vast array of original videos to choose from. Every one is focused exclusively on helping you explore and experience more of the wonders found in the person and reign of Jesus Christ today.
  • We provide a wide variety of videos to fit every taste and need. Some are only 30-second video clips. Others are one-hour dynamic teaching videos. But all are designed to help you discover and enjoy more of the greatness and glories of God's Son right now.
  • Our channel exists for only two purposes: (1) to create what we call a "Christ Awakening" in the life of every individual who views the videos; (2) to help fuel a Christ Awakening movement throughout the Body of Christ.  
All of our videos on our new YouTube channel are original from Christ Now.  To enjoy an additional array of worship videos and teaching videos taken from many other sources, check out what we feature at ChristNow.com.

So, take a moment to browse our channel here. Everything is FREE!

Browse our channel here!
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