Discipleship-first Friends,

Disciple makers need ongoing support and inspiration. We need help and encouragement in overcoming the challenges of the world. This encouragement enables us to maintain a red-hot passion to be disciples who make disciples.

So we are releasing a new online community designed to provide you with the needed encouragement, resources and helpful conversations.

It is called the Discipleship.org Collective.

The Collective is the place where the nation’s disciple making leaders, networks, and organizations come together to champion the disciple making mission of Jesus. We put secondary things on the back burner to focus on Jesus. We just want to be his disciples and make more disciples.


The Discipleship.org Collective is the online equivalent to the in-person National Disciple Making Forum that thousands of leaders have attended in recent years. You can now enter into that experience in our virtual community.

You will enjoy the following:

  • Free webinars and seminars and forums (check out the first webinar on Monday with Jim Putman, Randy Pope, and Drew Hyun)
  • Free eBooks, blogs and podcasts
  • Weekly “Q & A with Bobby” sessions where you can ask me and other leaders practical questions about disciple making
  • Disciple making assessments individually or for your church
  • Online group discussions
  • Order courses and other practical resources

In the Collective we all will come together to collaborate on and champion Jesus-style disciple making.

The first live webinar that we will host in the Discipleship.org Collective will be on Monday, September 28, 10-11am CDT with Randy Pope, Jim Putman, and Drew Hyun. This webinar will be the Introduction to our Holistic Disciple Making: A 10 Week Intensive series.

If you already registered for one of the Holistic Disciple Making Intensive webinars then you have Basic Membership for the Discipleship.org Collective, and you will use your email and password to join the webinar.

If you would like to register for any of the Holistic Disciple Making Intensive webinars click here to register.

I hope you will join us regularly and often … and that you will find the practical tools you need to be a disciple maker and to help others join with you in the greatest mission on planet earth.

Check out the Collective Here

In Gratefulness to King Jesus,

Bobby Harrington, Point Leader, Discipleship.org

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