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The soul is trying to say something.
What do you hear?

We hosted Story of the Soul * last night! It was great collaboration between Church Movements-City, Cru Campus, and the Jesus Film Project!  80 students and staff attended from 12 campuses and seven cities. Four students indicated that they placed their trust in Christ. Another 12 want to talk further about Jesus and their spiritual journey.
Here is what some of the students said immediately after the event:

  • "I have never experienced an event that moved me as much as this one in a time of need.”
  • “I am trying to get god.”
  • “This was a comfortable, safe space to be vulnerable in community.”
  •  “…it really made me think about my feelings & relationship with God.”
  •  “I love feeling all of the connection that comes from studying art and stories like this.”
  • “I never would have thought to look at various examples of popular culture and find the elements of the desire for Christ in each example.”
  • “This was not at all what I was expecting to do tonight but I really enjoyed the conversation!” 
  • “The visuals were very thought provoking and the small groups made it very easy to discuss hard topics and open up to people you are meeting for the first time.” 
David presented a poem by Maya Angelou - "Caged Bird".
STORY OF THE SOUL (SOTS) * is a virtual or in-person coffeehouse event where the gospel is shared after considering stories the soul tells through film, music, classic literature, poetry and art. 
Art shows that the soul is trying to say something meaningful about life. The global popularity of both classics and pop-culture reveal that humanity has been telling stories for eons that are strangely similar throughout cultures and world history. If the story is told well, painted well, performed well … it becomes well known – a classic! We love to read it, view it, or listen to it again and again, because we feel a connection. It’s as if the artist cannot stop expressing wounds of the soul that need healing and longings of the heart that want to be fulfilled. At Story of the Soul, we take a contemplative look at art, and find immediate common ground. Then, we dive into deeply meaningful conversations. As we do, we discover how our wounds can be healed and how our longings can be satisfied through the gospel.
If you’d like to know how to create and host an interactive, artistic, gospel-engaging Story of the Soul event, go to this 

Thank you for your partnership and ongoing prayers for us!

Dave & Karen
Cordelia emceed Story of the Soul and did an amazing job!
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