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Hi Phil ...

Last week I spoke to over 200 Pastors and church leaders and suggested we should be reading some City Reaching books. Afterwords I received a lot of great responses and people wanted to know what books I would recommend. While there are some books that I could recommend, I wondered, with all of your contacts and experiences, what “City-Reaching” books, social media sites, and special articles you would recommend to our citywide network of pastors and leaders?

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•My response; a short listing of: Authors, Sites, Research, Collaboration, CIty Transformation

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  • What authors, books, websites, resources are missing from this list?

  • Hello friends,

    We are in unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, we feel a great responsibility to point people to the Bible. The Bible is good news, it is hope, and it is truth! God is in control and He is on the move – we are seeing a great move of God in this time and are in awe of Him! Let us share with you how God is using the Table Coalition and partnering ministries to serve in this time.
    A one-week miracle!
    In one week, God moved to allow TTC and other ministries to equip more leaders and share the Gospel in ways we never could have imagined! Millions of people heard the Gospel and leaders across the globe were equipped to share the Gospel in boldness.

    During this pandemic we have felt the urgency that the Gospel is needed now more than ever. We know that leaders are not immune to the pain of this present moment, so TTC and multiple ministries brought leaders from different backgrounds to offer biblical wisdom and practical advice for surviving during this season of quarantine in a global pandemic.

    Last month, with more than 40 leaders volunteering their time on Wednesday, April 8, we hosted an online summit that lasted 10 HOURS! We have tracked over 1.3 million views from all over the world. 
    We were inspired, encouraged, and truly blown away by the generosity of every person involved. It's times like these when the Church needs to come together to pray, care, and share, and we certainly saw a picture of that last month!
    Watch Recap Video
    If you weren't able to watch the Leader Check-In, clips from various speakers and artists are available for free on the Year of the Bible website. You can find that content by clicking the button below!
    Leader Check-In Clips
    Two days later, on Good Friday, we came together to put on a broadcast that has been viewed by over 1.5 million people between the livestream and Facebook!

    From the livestream, we received 1,500 Gospel responses! Praise God! We worked with Daystar, TBN, and networks around the globe to share the broadcast to over 100 countries. From what we know, there have been over 100,000 Gospel responses via international call centers, texts, and web. How incredible to hear so many stories of 
    people deciding to follow Jesus in the midst of this pandemic!

    The broadcast is available on our website. If you missed it on Good Friday (or just want to re-watch certain portions), click the button below to watch!
    People from across the globe tuning in to the Good Friday Broadcast from home!
    It was an incredible week for our team—and, we hope, for everyone involved. Here are other ways this collaborative effort created impact:
    • We raised money for Churches Helping Churches as well as COVID-19 relief efforts through World Vision
    • People from 167 nations visited the websites for Leader Check-In and Good Friday
    • We received Gospel responses from around the globe, including India, Japan, across Africa, and more
    We can't wait to continue hearing stories of impact!
    Join millions with the Go2020 movement this month in sharing the gospel!
    Now is the time to join believers from around the globe in the largest movement of prayer, caring, and sharing the message that there is hope beyond fear. Click here for more information!
    Join us online on the National Day of Prayer! Tune in to the National Day of Prayer national broadcast on May 7, with an elevated focus on unity, prayer, and scripture engagement. Click here for more information!
    Feeling called to be a light during this time, our President, Nick Hall, has launched a new InstagramTV series called The Bible Quarantine. With COVID-19 changing the way we engage socially, we don't want to disengage from each other or from Scripture. Join us every weeknight at 9PM EST/8PM CST for a few minutes of Scripture and encouragement on Instagram or Facebook. Let's stay connected to Jesus and each other while we practice wisdom during this season. Imagine what God will say to us when we pause and let Him speak! 
    Invite individuals in your sphere of influence to watch The Bible Quarantine and engage in discussion around it over a video call. Follow along by clicking the button below:
    The Bible Quarantine
    Grace and Mercy Foundation is now making Public Reading of Scripture available for you and your community to join in virtually! You can join these gatherings here at the times below. You should be prepared to join 5 minutes before they begin!

    Mondays: 7-8PM ET
    Wednesdays: 12:45-1:45PM ET
    Fridays: 7:20-8:30AM ET
    And we'd love to equip you to host virtual gatherings for your community! You can find detailed instructions to host your own gathering here. We hope that your community will continue to flourish and we pray that God's Word will comfort His beloved children. 
    The Table Coalition is offering support, encouragement, and resources for pastors and leaders across the nation during this time, as well as practical ways we all can support those we lead. Join our weekly prayer call by clicking hereWe meet Thursdays at 11:00AM CT on Zoom. 
    We want to see the Church unite in this time! We are praying and asking God in this season how we, the Church, can encourage unity, generosity, support, and love in creative ways. As leaders, we can take this opportunity to provide support and comfort, and point people to Jesus – the Light of the world!
    Here are practical ways we can lead our congregations and community of believers in serving those hit the hardest by this pandemic:
    • People may be more receptive to prayer right now. Be open to where the Spirit may be asking you to intercede for someone. Check out the resources sections below for a FREE printable prayer postcard you can drop in your neighbor's mailbox or mail to someone!
    • If you don’t know your literal next-door neighbors yet, take the opportunity to introduce yourself and see if there is anything they need. 
    • If your church service is cancelled, consider hosting a small group virtual "church" in your home. Consider inviting a friend or neighbor who normally would not feel comfortable in a church building but might be comfortable in their own home! 
    • Offer to go grocery shopping or run other errands for a neighbor who is elderly or has a compromised immune system.
    • Call someone who may be feeling lonely due to the increased separation measures. 
    Click here to let us know how you are serving your church, community, and neighborhood! We'd love to hear about it!
    • Pray for health and safety for all during this pandemic and healing for those around the world who have fallen ill, as well as those experiencing the loss of a loved one.
    • Pray for global and national leaders making decisions for our health and safety, as well as for medical professionals fighting this virus worldwide.
    • Pray that the Church would find ways to love and serve those around us as we grow: that we would be full of faith, not fear!
    • You can sign up for a free Zoom account here!
    • 300 Christian Leaders Rally Around the Bible in D.C.: check out an article about our D.C. Leaders Gathering!
    • Check out the Move Closer app, discipleship for the next generation! This app is full of content to help you strengthen your relationship with Jesus, you can find all the information here.
    • You can download our Keep 5 Card here for free. This card reminds us to pray for these 5 people in our lives!
    • Click here to learn about Churches Helping Churches.
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