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MARCH 2023


Transforming New England with the love of Jesus,

by making disciples who do justice and foster unity to share Jesus.


In this Issue:

President's Message

Make Disciples

Do Justice

Foster Unity

Upcoming Events


Vision New England president Charles Galda shares how we've been building, supporting, and equipping networks to make disciples, do justice, and foster unity to share Jesus to transform New England!



Teach Them to Obey My Commands (Matt. 28:19)

Podcast: Becoming Like Jesus By Making Disciples


Rev. Dr. J. Anthony Lloyd, Senior Pastor of Greater Framingham Community Church, shares how the spiritual disciplines form us into healthy disciples, and practical tips on building these disciplines into our lives and churches. 



Listen here

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Podcast: Making Disciples Requires Community


Pastor Justin Kendrick of Vox Church talks about why the spiritual discipline of fellowship is vital to becoming a disciple, and how to nurture authentic community through the lens of his book, “The Sacred Us.” 




Listen here

Podcast: Becoming Like Jesus Through Submission


Rev. Cindy Cabral of Lively Stones Christian Center addresses the beliefs and actions that have twisted the spiritual discipline of submission, taking us back to God’s true intentions to free us.



Listen here

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Podcast: The Healing Power of Confession


Bishop Andrew Williams of the Anglican Diocese of New England points us to the spiritual discipline of confession, detailing its power to move us from shame and isolation to healing and loving community. 



Listen here

Episodes premiere Sundays at 2pm on LCR and Monday on FB!


Episodes are also available on: 

AmazonAppleGoogleSpotify and Youtube.

Learn more on our Podcast page and subscribe!

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7th Annual THRIVE Cape Cod


700+ gathered to worship and dialogue solutions to help Cape Cod THRIVE! Each year we put the problems of our communities in front of the people of God and He calls and convicts someone to do something ... about issues like addiction, disability, mental health, and disciple making. 


Learn more here


So They See Your Good Works and Glorify God (Matt. 5:16)

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Joni & Friends On Nurturing a Diverse, Inclusive Church


Joni & Friends New England will host a new 3-part workshop series, "A Seat at the Table," aimed to help churches create loving environments for all God's children. Dates and details coming soon!



Email Liz Babbitt to learn more


Then They Will Know God Sent His Son (John 17:21)

Bishop Borders Celebrates 40 Years of Faithful Ministry


Congratulations to Bishop John Borders III for his decades of impactful ministry in Boston! He's ministered and worked to address gang violence and crime, racism, disruptive change, and more. Now, as Boston continues to change, Bishop Borders continues to make disciples and pursue unity.


Read more here

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"A Day Apart" for CT Church Leaders


Vox Church and Impact CT! invite you to worship, pray, learn, and share best practices with fellow CT pastors. The focus will be "Staying Healthy for the Long Haul in New England Ministry," led by Pastor Justin Kendrick of Vox Church and Pastor Rick McKinnis of Wellspring Church.



Learn more and register here



A Day Apart: Hosted by Vox Church and Impact CT!

March 29, Branford, CT


Gordon-Conwell Preaching Symposium: Resilience with Dr. Crawford Loritts

March 29, South Hamilton, MA


Still Small Theatre Troupe Auditions

April 8, Beverly, MA


Grant Writing Programs for Returning Citizens

April 15, Boston, MA


The Rhythms of Ministry - FREE Lunch Event for Pastors and Lay Leaders

April 20, Chicopee, MA


Acoustic Night with Mike Lee from Third Day and David Glenn

April 22, Vernon, CT


Simply Worship 2023: For Worship and Tech Teams

April 22, Chicopee, MA


Converge Northeast: Anchored Marriage Conference

April 24-26, Portsmouth, NH


Casting Crowns: the Healer Tour with We Are Messengers & Ben Fuller

April 28, Augusta, ME


Casting Crowns: the Healer Tour with We Are Messengers & Ben Fuller

April 29, Springfield, MA






VNE is an association of 1,000+ ministries who want to see New England transformed with the love of Jesus. We build, support, and equip networks and ministries that make disciples, do justice, and foster unity to share Jesus.


P.O. Box 657

Stratham, NH 03885

(617) 229-6225

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Vision New England | P.O. Box 657Stratham, NH 03885
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