#ReimagineCHURCH...Seven Components of Sunday Worship Services

by Phil Miglioratti @ The Reimagine.Network


  • Mini-Course: A set of articles/templates to help you #CoachYourTeam #ShareWIthLeaders (see below)


  • Reengage your Sunday audience by
  • Rethinking form and function and focus with a simple
  • Review to Renew, not what you believe (doctrine) but how you
  • Communicate to connect your members to the One who is the way-truth-life...
  • Printable Your Voice Maters Worksheet
​Invite people into the presence of God with a declarative ​S​cripture, a blessing, a prayer​, a song they stand to in silece​

Worship with praise, song, scripture, visuals​...​

​Change ​“Announcement​-Time​“ ​to "Spot Light" ​of ​one (or a select few) ministry activities and options which people can invest their time, talent and treasure in…​ Remind them to place their ti​th​es​ and offerings​ in a gift basket ​when the service is over ​and they go back into the world to serve.

​Proclaim the word of God​. Depending on the message and flavor of the biblical passage​, unpack ​the ​​Scripture​ as a teacher, preacher, evangelist, prophet, or counselor. Select the best suited format: lecture, sermon, seminar​; standing or seated...

The ​C​hurch is a ​H​ouse of Prayer​. Encourage participation by praying. Silently. Two or three. Recitation. Response to a prayer or a series of prayers from assigned prayer prompters....

Give people an opportunity to think ​out loud ​and ​hear ​others think​. Facilitate small group interaction. Ask Individuals to text the​ir​ response that will be read and commented upon​ by the speaker/facilitator...

Provide at least one way in which the Scripture focus can be applied during the next week.​ Inform you will be contacting the membership (by texting or emailing or Facebook)​ for their feedback and further discussion...
A Mini-Course to #CoachYourTeam / #ShareWithLeaders


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  • "The medium is the message."

    “The medium is the message” is a phrase created by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.'

    “"The medium is the message” means that content and medium are intertwined, so the central message or effect of something is not in the content it carries, but in the way it is presented."
    "In other words: The message or meaning of a medium (which can be any human creation, from the printing press to electric lights to weapons to toothbrushes) is nothing more or less than how it changes us."
    CIted from>>>
    "Medium is the Message" - DigitalRhetoricCollaborative
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