#REimagineCHURCH...Faulty Premises Demand a Revitalized Process


A Huge Discovery􏰀

My background prior to founding Meet The Need was in management consulting,

solving strategic problems for Fortune 1000 companies. Over the past decade I’ve turned my consulting attention to the Church, doing extensive research trying to find out if there is a correlation between two disturbing trends:

1) the role of the church in communities across America has fundamentally changed over the past 100 years

2) the Church today in the U.S. is not succeeding in terms of any significant metric – growth, impact, influence, or perception

We’ve made a huge discovery􏰀

After all that digging, it turns out that organizational behavior best practices, which align very well with Biblical principles, held the key all along to why the Church has been struggling. There is a fundamental, flawed assumption underlying nearly every decision most churches make. The prevailing church growth model in America violates the guiding principle of successful organizations, including the early Church. Only recognizing and rectifying this faulty premise can reverse the decline. Treating symptoms won’t do it. Turning the tide requires uncovering and dealing with the core, underlying issue􏰀

The Church in America today is pursuing the wrong “customer”!

Little did I know that the Lord was preparing me throughout my business career as a specialist in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to one day discover and unveil the “root cause” issue behind the Church’s decline. This “root cause” is extraordinarily simple – yet profound. The logic is straightforward – yet compelling.

Our blog (blog.meettheneed.org) has much more information about the 5 steps we present here. However, this brief overview will give you enough information to see why so many churches are closing their doors – and how to revitalize your church. You’ll see why the perception of the Church and Christians is on the downslide in the U.S. – and how to increase your impact and influence.

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