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Both History and The Bible Tell Us That a Small Group of Believers Can Change the Course of a City or Even a Nation.


And That is Exactly What We Are Setting Out to Do.

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City Campaigns are launching believers into micro-ministries to bring healing, hope, and transformation to cities across America, and it kicks off this Monday, October 24th with Baton Rouge.

For thirty days, Baton Rouge-based ministries, churches, intercessors, and individuals will be praying for healing, hope, and transformation of the city, kicking off the Renew Baton Rouge campaign. The campaign aims to launch new micro-ministries that allow individual believers to use their skills and gifts to become the hands and feet of change. Though many of our supporters do not live in Baton Rouge, we ask you for prayer around this initiative and to please share this with anyone you might know who could join in the efforts.


Baton Rouge consistently ranks in the top ten for murders and violent crime per capita and in the top thirty for people living below the poverty line. The good news is that Baton Rouge has a strong faith community with more than 65% of its residents declaring a Christian faith. The month of calls will cover important topics affecting the city, like children and families, crime, poverty, the education system, state & local leaders, and protection for law enforcement and first responders.


Michael Phillips, lifelong Baton Rouge resident and CEO of the Jesus Alliance, expanded on the vision for these thirty days. “Our hope is that as we pray together, believers will be moved by the Holy Spirit to use their skills and gifts to glorify God and restore righteousness in the city of Baton Rouge so others come to believe.”

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Transformation has been seen in other cities, like Memphis, after a period of focused prayer. In a 2021  article on FOX13Memphis, James Sanders, a retired colonel with the Memphis Police Department confirmed Memphis saw a major reduction in crime the last time pastors came together to pray over the city.


“Everything went down, and it was due to the churches coming together, not just praying but putting work behind that prayer,” said Sanders. “I was a part of three precincts, and each of those precincts where I worked, when the church mobilized itself, connecting itself with the community and praying and working, crime went down.”



WHO: The Renew Baton Rouge City Campaign is open to the faith community to join as many days as they wish, but especially on days where the focused prayer topic is something they feel passionate about.


WHEN: 30 minutes a day for 30 days starting Monday, October 24, 2022 thru Tuesday, November 22, 2022. CST Monday-Friday at 5:30 PM, Saturdays at 9:00 AM and Sundays at 4:00 PM.


HOW: The Zoom link, schedule, and topic list are available on

Together with you in Christ,

Your Jesus Alliance Community 

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