PHIL ~ Daniel, the forward and afterword to your book Old Paths, New Power are each written by a strong preacher who is also noted by their passion for prayer. What does this reveal to us about the heart and soul of your message in this book?


The men who wrote the foreword, preface and afterword (Erwin Lutzer, John MacArthur and Jim Cymbala) are unique and quite different from one another in many of their views. Yet, they all agree on the core components of church leadership – prayer and the ministry of the word. Each graciously added their voice to the imperative call and message of the book. 

PHIL ~ Agree/Disagree: Acts 6:4 is the most ignored scripture of pastoral education ... And if you agree, what results are we reaping from that mistake?

In the book, I contend that the Acts 6:4 example of leadership is definitely largely ignored today ... Read the complete interview then respond with your feedback





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