Pray for #ReimagineFutureChurch


Special V.I.P. Announcement~ My Very Important Prayer "Ask"

I have been impressed by the Holy Spirit to invite authors and practitioners to submit their "1-Question"... a Life Changing, Paradigm-Shifting, Ministry-Transforming question that will engage and equip pastors and ministry leaders to pursue the Church of the future.

  • You can see the first batch now @ >>>

I am contacting you with an "ask" ~ Will you pray with me?

  1. For the Spirit to anoint each question to inspire and enlighten each man and woman who reads it, then grant them discernment and direction to take action.
  2. For many small donations to boost our unique content across our many web and social media pages to hundreds ($5-$10) even thousands ($25-$35+) of servants the Lord has prepared to review and renew their ministry.

               >>>See our new-simple-quick donation page:


Many resourcing ministries tell our leaders what to do and how to do it.

We exhort our leaders to pursue a Spirit-led, Scripture-fed, reassessment...

with the intended biblical outcome to be "transformed by the renewing of their minds."

A change of the way they think; a ministry/discipleship,/prayer/outreach reset.


I am asking the Holy Spirit to make it clear to you if you are called to pray for #ReimagineFutureChurch, with faith for God to supply the "1-Question" writers and the funding to reach 100,000 through social media this year.


We need a fresh movement across and in and then through the Church of our Lord Jesus!


All things are possible with God, when Jesus followers respond in faith,

Phil Miglioratti

Curator, The Reimagine.Network

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