Politicized Prayers. Don't Bother.

#ItSeemsToMe... it is way too easy for Christians to unintentionally offer prayers that are actually more Republican than righteous; sound more like a Democrat than a disciple. When our political preferences infect our intercessory petitions, we have shifted from empowering the Spirit to employing the Spirit. No one of us is immune from this politicized syncretism.

Our best solution is to leave our political wish-list aside when we pray.

Begin with praise (declaring the goodness of God). Give thanks (declare the grace of God.

  • A - ASK...for a fresh filling as you surrender to the Spirit ...Ask a question
  • S - SEEK...a scriptural focus in silence, stillness
  • K - KNOCK...when you receive Spirit-led, scripture-fed direction, move forward boldly in faith

When you pray for your candidate, also pray for the other.

When you pray about those you consider an enemy of your positions, ask for God's mercy to bring (repentance (a change of mind).

When you have completed your prayer/praying, ask the Spirit to help you review and, as needed, revise.

#ItSeemsToMe...my politicized prayers may be canceling your other-party-platform prayers. God is neither Democrat nor Republican. If you do not believe that, then may I ask that you work and vote for your party but stop bothering God.


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