#NPPN: A Crisis or a Movement? 
Can We,
With God's Power and Your Help,
Turn This Crisis Into A Movement?


“The way people feel about and engage with church is changing,

and ... those shifts can feel overwhelming for church leaders.”

Barna Group

Pastors are confused and conflicted; disoriented and discouraged.


Pastors are struggling with the seismic changes taking place across communities and within lifestyle cultures that have  significant influence on how people view and what they expect from church.


So they’re searching for answers. 


But the  search for those answers are revealed when pastors and leadership begin that search with the right question.


And they are searching for content that invites them to “listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.(Revelation‬ ‭2:7, 11, 17, 29‬, 3:6, 13, 22)


They are desperate for toughtful commentary that gives insight on how the leading and guiding of the Spirit will be attuned differently than in their past; focused on a future that looks and feels and acts and thinks unlike nothing we have yet faced.


Reimagine.Network offers guidance to launch a journey of  asking, seeking, knocking. A journey to reimagine future church that is faithful to orthodox Christian truths while recalibrating application, proclamation, and demonstration.


Help us serve them.


We are not selling programs or products.

We offer free, quality, content that encourages and equips for a Spirit-led, Scripture-fed, pursuit of a renewed purpose with new possibilities.


Will you help us reach thousand more pastors, outreach facilitators, disciplemakers, prayer champions?

  1. Pray. For a movement of ministry leaders who have ears to hear and are ready to bring change.
  2. Care. For your local leadership; in prayer, in person.
  3. Share. For $5 you empower us to boost our free, no ads, content to hundreds; $25 reaches thousands.


• Please pray as you out PrayerINC.org ~ A faith-prompted gift will bring encoarugment to many hurting leaders,


With my thanks ... and their's,

Phil Miglioratti

National Pastors' Prayer Network


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