Spring always feels like a fresh start.
This year especially, as the world begins to reopen to travel and connections, it feels like a new awakening. We are excited for new opportunities to meet with you, face-to-face and online, in the coming months!
What in-person opportunities are you most looking forward to this spring and summer? We want to know about them!
Read on for some exciting opportunities we've heard about from City Gospel Movements across North America.
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Top Left: We cohosted PNW City Advance in Portland on April 25 and 26. Top Right: Portland area pastors gathered before Easter at RISE event. Bottom: Coastal Collective held first social experiment: Harmonize.
PNW City Advance: Our City Gospel Movements team partnered with City Advance and One Hope Lane County to host another PNW City Advance. This year it was in Portland, Oregon. We had 15 cities attend with their teams to be inspiried by the collaboration happening amongst churches in our cities. We had a panel from TogetherPDXOne Hope, and First Responders. We also heard two encouraging messages from John Ortberg and another from Rick McKinley. If you're intersted in a City Advance in your own city, reach out to Tom White!
RISE Events: Pastors in the Portland metro-area were invited by TogetherPDX and the Luis Palau Association for a time of encouragement leading up to Easter. Pastors were able to discuss the challenges of sharing the Gospel and encouraged to invite their church and those visiting to take the next step on their faith journey on Easter Sunday. Six regions in the Portland metro area participated and 200 people gathered from 120 churches. It was beautiful to see them come together. A standout quote from one pastor was, “Pulpit evangelism is an overflow of 1-1 relational evangelism.”
Harmonize: Lizzie, Kaedyn and Elise are part of a cohort of young professionals in the Portland metro-area who care about the flourishing of our city. In 2021, we interviewed 50+ leaders in Portland to learn more about the needs in our community. One finding that we uncovered was, “Across all industries interviewed, sustained, empathetic dialogue is a missing ingredient to solve our area’s most challenging problems.” This led us to Harmonize, a social experiment for people who seek Portland's flourishing. We hosted a dinner of 30 Jesus followers who want to learn how to be peace builders. The evening consisted of a peacemaking training with experts from Amplify Peace and a time to practice what we learned! We can't wait to share more about this time with you. Stay tuned!
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