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I want to thank you, our subscribers, for letting us encourage, challenge and equip you in prayer every three months. We are so blessed to know that for many of you, Prayer Connect 
Behind Prayer Connect is the Church Prayer Leaders Network and its parent ministry, Harvest Prayer Ministries. Both of these ministries have as their primary purpose to help churches become houses of prayer. But one of the ways they offer help is focusing on discipling individual believers into deeper levels of prayer. If believers become more prayer-minded, then their churches will as well.
I have spent the past 22 years of my life in prayer ministry, observing, studying, ministering, writing, and equipping individuals and churches in the area of prayer. I absolutely love this ministry. And I would love to minister to you and your church in a greater way. Below I highlight four resources I have written, and offer a sample of my teaching ministry via a short 5-minute video. I encourage you to consider how I might help prayer become more foundational in the life of your congregation.
Jon Graf
Publisher, Prayer Connect

Discipleship Materials for You to Use

The Purpose of My Books
Over my years of prayer ministry, I have written or compiled and published four books--2 are designed to disciple individuals and two are designed for prayer leaders and pastors/elders/deacons.

The Power of Personal Prayer: Learning to Pray with Faith and Purpose
 is my opus on personal prayer. It covers a gamut of information on personal prayer, moving from basic to deeper levels.

Praying Like Paul: Learning to Pray the Kingdom for Those You Love
 is intended to move people from just praying fix-it prayers in their lives to praying God's purposes. It teaches praying Scripture and praying for biblical character in the lives of those we love. This book also has multi-copy discounts available.
Restored Power: Becoming a Praying Church One Tweak at a Time was written with leaders in mind. It provides practical help on growing a praying church at a steady pace, tackling key areas with additional prayer opportunities. It is an excellent resource for prayer ministry teams, pastors, elders and deacons.
My House Shall Be a House of Prayer is a 48-page booklet, first published in 2001, that is now in its 14th printing. It is actually the content of an issue of the former Pray! magazine. It gives a picture of what a praying church looks like, then offers insight into 5 key areas to grow prayer in a local church.

Let Me Fire Up Your People

My Speaking Ministry Might Be Right for Your Church
I love to assist local churches by teaching in person! Having me come in for a Friday-Sunday, and all-day Saturday, or a Sunday to Tuesday ministry might be just what your church needs to stimulate greater prayer in your people. And bringing me in might be less expensive than you think. Here is a 5-minute sample of my teaching style.

Jon Graf on the Purposes of Prayer
Jon Graf on the Purposes of Prayer" class="gmail_msg"/>
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