A Coaching Question for Citywide Lead Teams 
What are you building/forming/designing?
 * What is success? An organization with a growing list of cooperating congregations and ministries?
    ...or are you called to launch and steward a movement?
  * An organizational approach worked well post Worl War II, but in this technological age, we need an approach that is dynamic, stealth, responsive; backpacks rather than suitcases.
  * Movemental approaches focus on identifying and resourcing already-existing networks, mobilizing affinity groups (like-minded passion) into coordinated action, providing catalytic training and serving opportunities.
  * To expand on a Blackaby insight: Find out (pray, research, investigate, ask uninvolved leaders) what God is already doing then discern ways you can join him in that work by 1) connecting leaders by sharing their stories, 2) convening leaders so they talk to each other (interaction, not lecture; talking more than teaching), 3) so the Spirit can lead them to steps of coordination (same thing and time but not same place or approach) and cooperation (sharing resources), 4) and being ready for opportunities of authentic collaboration (birthed in a prayer huddle)...
Thanks for letting me ramble…
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